Top 4 Features of ForeIQ

Gain Accurate Business Insights

Inaccurate and outdated information haunts consulting companies. With ForeIQ, everyone on your team can be armed with the data they need to predict project financials and make more informed decisions. Whether your team is in need of insights that help better plan for and allocate the remaining usage of resources through the duration of the project, or craving project financials data to project overall profit, ForeIQ's easy-to-use, comprehensive and universally accessible dashboard has you and everyone on your team, from C-level to resources, covered. 

Manage Profitable Projects

Having the ability to judge the success of a project accurately and quickly is the key to completing on-time and under-budget. With a summarized and detailed view, into project financials and progress, project leaders will have the power to easily measure the revenue, costs and profitability of each project in real-time, and identify the leading indicators for project success or failure with ease. By providing the project data needed to make the necessary changes, leaders can manage projects through the windshield, rather than from the rear-view mirror.

Track and Measure Resources

Other tools track resource usage, but only ForeIQ allows you to manage utilization by resource and line of business – making the job of project management easier than ever before. Providing a twist on the everyday timesheet and resource tracking, ForeIQ lets project managers track real-time performance vs forecasted resource usage; and billable resources can see their utilization goals, assigned billable hours, as well as categorize time by task.  The result is a streamlined time-tracking process, accurately managed resources, and reduced wasted labor costs and expenses.

Automate and Integrate

With interconnected systems and better data at your fingertips, you will have the information you need, when you need it. From submitting invoices to eliminating duplicate entries, with ForeIQ you'll have the info you need, when you need it, so you can ditch data entry and invest time on meaningful, measurable work. And, unlike other tools with limited integrations, we understand a successful business already has an ecosystem of tools. ForeIQ is built so any business can adopt it into their stack with as little resistance as possible.

Learn more about how ForeIQ can make your professional services business more profitable than it's ever been before.

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