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Power of Projection.

The only profitability management tool built specifically for modern consulting firms.


The smartest way to manage project profitability and overall bottom line.

ForeIQ is a consulting software for professional service firms that provides business automation in order to forecast business intelligence, such as project progression and profit. Armed with this knowledge, executives can better manage business growth; Project managers and professional service leaders can gain control of their projects; And with real-time visibility, billable resources are motivated to reach their goals, leading to more profitable projects and company growth.


manage profits and losses

Strategically grow your company by reducing costs and maximizing utilization


Improve business intelligence

Get complete, accurate, timely, and useful data to help make more informed decisions.


Gain future visibility

Unlock access to data that helps you see future profitability, not just historical performance


Reduce labor costs & expenses

View utilization by resource and line of business to decrease wasted expenses.


Integrate with existing systems

Connect ForeIQ with your current systems to save time and eliminate double entry.

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  • Have more time to focus on more meaningful work


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